The theme of CFP this year was the Panopticon

The Opening Keynote Plenary Panel Discussion at CFP this year was on the topic of Equiveillance.

Prior to the conference, there were also a series of workshops, the most well-attended of which was the workshop entitled "Keeping an Eye on the Panopticon" (i.e. watching the watchers). This particular kind of sousveillance (i.e. inverse surveillance) tied in directly with the opening theme of the conference itself.

Thus, this workshop, that took place the day before the conference, ended with a presentation on sousveillance, followed by the Bell Sousveillance Tour, an inquiry into equiveillance (the equilibrium between surveillance and sousveillance). This project, funded by Bell, also included the creation of 500 maybecameras, one for each conference attendee.

To pull this all together required a huge effort from numerous volunteers.

There was much advance planning, gathering of materials, Computer Aided Design (CAD) of the dark hemispherical domes, and many trials of the domes, that we had vacuum formed on a special mandrel in groups of four, drilled with 48 holes for sewing.

Eventually this work culminated in a "dome sewing party", held at the residence of Deborah Pierce (conference chair) and Jon Pincus.

Here is a box of bags, each one upon which a wearable maybecamera is to be sewn:

Here is a box of domes, that will house the maybecameras:

The official dome sewing party at the residence of Deborah Pierce and John Pincus:

Deborah Pierce (ACM CFP General Chair) carrying domes:

Finished conference bags with maybecameras installed:

Leila working on domes:


rows of conference bags with domes; paint drying arrangement:

Arrival at hotel (Westin, South Tower, as viewed from North Tower 3439), where we will be discussing the theme of the Panopticon:

Leila stuffing bags:

Bell Sousveillance poster:

Simon Davies; Keeping an Eye on the Panopticon:

Bell Sousveillance tour poster and Ian Kerr:

Bell Sousveillance tour:

(special agent number one)

David Brin was a conference attendee (attendees were all given wearable maybecams):

Sousveillance bags as given to every attendee of ACM CFP 2005: