DC to DC converters

Battery Comparison

Courtesy CPSI

Comparison between lead, nickel cadmium, nickel metal hyrdride, lithium ion, and zinc air rechargeable batteries. Disposable lithium also included. Weight, size, density, cost, and actual duty cycles on the CPSI's Moble Assistant included.

Power Belts from NRG (for the SERIOUS power consumer)

Picture of NRG battery belt
NRG description
NRG-870 description
Above images from B&H Prosumer video source book (B & H 1-800-947-5525). The manufacturer is:
NRG research Inc.
840 Rogue River Hwy
Bldg #144
Grants Pass, OR 97527

Batteries from Sony

Comparison of batteries from Sony (measured on postal scale Adam Oranchak and Steve, Tue Jan 16 20:36:56 EST 1996):
NP-500: 3.4oz, 21.6kJ (6v nominal assumed), 6.35kJ/oz, 406J/cm^3 (size/cm=7*3.8*2);
BP-L60: 30.95oz, 194.4kJ (12v nominal assumed), 6.28kJ/oz, 309kJ/cm^3
BP-L90: 45.9oz, 289.44kJ (12v nominal assumed), 6.3kJ/oz, 284kJ/cm^3
Zinc air are lighter, we believe, but much less power density (perhaps suitable for making into a large garment type distributed supply).

Batteries from Panasonic

Scanned pages (take a while to load):
Description, Applications, and Features of Gel Cells
Charge, temperature, capacity, etc. charts
Case size and capacity specs
Case size and capacity specs
Battery selection charts
Lithium and Manganese Dioxide batteries
Lithium non-rechargeable

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