Adam Oranchak, last updated Monday, September 11, 1995.

WIT, Wearable Information Technology, is the result of an experimental design project exploring an emerging personal computing paradigm. The idea is to merge computing machinery with our clothing, therefore, infusing it's hard logic into the wet minutiae of daily life. The full weight of this paradigm shift can only be felt by experiencing an actual session with this technology. With this in mind, the author set out to design and construct WIT UNIT(1), the first in a series of wearable computers.

This fully functional prototype has been completed and serves to fulfill the author's Masters of Industrial Design thesis requirements for his studies at Pratt Institute. The project was funded with a grant from The National Endowment of the Arts.

This is the initial World Wide Web posting and it will expand and evolve. For now you may download JPEG compressed images of WIT UNIT(1) (size: 37k - 70k) by clicking on the icon version below:

Commercial use of these images or any digital manipulation is strictly prohibited without written permission. Send requests or comments to the Author:

Adam Oranchak, schema design labs

Special thanx to Thad Starner and MIT Media Lab for providing this web space. My deepest gratitude goes to NEA for their support.

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