ANDI-FG PC-104 video digitizer

	The ANDI-FG is made by Ajeco Oy in Finland.  It is in the
PC-104 format standard for embedded computers (for more info see PC104 under which can be
easily converted to a normal PC with ISA bus.  Quick stats:

Size:  3.6"X2.8"x0.6" (91mm x 96mm x 16mm)
Environmental:  0-70 degrees C , 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Power:  +5VDC +- 10%, 2.5W operating, 0.9W standby
Inputs:  3 video inputs, separate luminance and chrominance
Input Impedance:  75 ohm
Sampling Speed: real time conversion 24.5 MHz(60Hz) and 29.5 MHz (50Hz)
Converters:  8 bit A/D converters for lumincance and chrominance
Resolution:  640x525 pixels in NTSC and 768x625 pixels in PA/SECAM
Signal Source Type:  CVBS (composite video), Y/C, S-VHS etc.
Color Decoding:  NTSC PAL and SECAM
Uploading Modes:  24 bit RGB, 8 bit gray scale, 4:2:2 YUV
Processor:  Motorola DSP56001, 27Mhz, user programmable, 8K words PRAM
Video Memory:  1MB total
DMA & IRQ Support:  Yes
Software:  Complete library in C and Assembly, source code included

A caveat here.  This is only using the 8 bit part of the PC104 spec.
Don't expect to do put this on a computer with a RAID array and
download images to disk.  Instead, this thing is supposed to digitize
in real time and then the 56001 works on the image and spits the
result back to the main CPU.  We are just getting up to speed with
this so we can not say how well it works, but the people at Ajeco Oy
seem very open and ready to help.  Putting together a wearable
computer with this system now.  More as we learn about what it can do.


Ajeco Oy
Takkatie 7A
FIN-00370 Helsinki, Finland
Fax: +358-0-7003 9209, Te: +358-0-7003 9200

Distributor in the US:

Zytronix Inc.
1208 Apollo Way
Suite 504 
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
FAX (408) 749-1329
(408) 749-1326

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