Phoenix 2 wearable computer

PGI: Phoenix Group Inc.

> Intel SL Enhanced 486DX-33
> Hands Free Voice Recognition
> Wireless LAN Connectivity
 Multi-Cell, Multi-User
> Heads Up Display
> Modular Design
> Small, Rugged Construction
> Optional '486DX2-66
> Up to 680 MByte Internal Fixed Disk
> Up to 32 MBytes of RAM
> Two PCMCIA Slots
> Serial/Parallel/SCSI-2/VGA-LCD/
 Mouse/Keyboard/ISA Buss Ports
> MS-DOS/UNIX/Windows Compatibility
> PEN-DOS/Windows for PEN Computing
> Four to Eight Hour Battery Life
> Weighs Less than 2 Pounds
> Optional Pen Based 640 x 480 Tablet
> Operating Temperature: -20íC to 71íC

The PHOENIX-2 is a modular, rugged, portable,
state-of-the-art workstation specifically designed for
mobile environments featuring hands-free use through
its combination of heads-up display and voice recogni-
tion capability. The PHOENIX-2 system offers total
workstation capability including wireless connectivity
to local and wide area networks. Being both modular
and reconfigurable, the PHOENIX-2 is a cost effective
solution to accomplishing multiple tasks.

The system consists of ergonomic modules which can be 
integrated by the user. The basic modules are: Portable
Processor, key pads, integrated voice/display headsets,
touch/pen tablet, and a myriad of tested PCMCIA modules.
The modules are packaged to survive harsh environments
such as outdoors and industrial factory floors.


The Portable Processor module is the heart of
the PHOENIX-2. The Processor is a battery powered, IBM
PC compatible system incorporating an SL Enhanced
486DX processor (33MHz), up to 32 MB of plug-in
DRAM, up to 680 MBytes of internal IDE/ATA fixed disk,
LCD-VGA Video ports, two RS232/422 ports, a SCSI-2
port, ISA port, Mouse port, Keyboard port, and 2
PCMCIA card slots (type 2 and 3) which will accommodate
a wide variety of peripheral devices including NV RAM
(Flash), Wireless LAN, FAX modems, and additional hard
disk drives.

The Processor module weighs less than two pounds and can 
be vehicle or belt mounted. It is companion belt mounted,
and its hot swap battery pack weighs less than 2 pounds
(with battery which can be charged in seconds) and
contains the power and reset switches, a fuel gauge, and
a Microsoft compatible pointing device.

The Portable Processor operates with MS-DOS 6.2, Windows
3.1, SCO UNIX or OS/2 Version 2 (PEN versions when using
the optional touch/pen tablet). Extensive power and
environmental management features incorporated in the
hardware and firmware insure the longest possible battery
life. An AC adapter is available which permits operation
with input voltages of 90 to 260 Volts AC as well as from
an optional DC adapter. The PHOENIX-2 is also available
as an integrated pen based unit.(See separate data sheets)


The PHOENIX-2 operates with several different headsets.
The display only headset is used when visual data is
required. The visual displays, available in heads-up format,
are 720 x 280 pixels or 1024 x 786 pixels (1st Q 1995),
graphics monochrome. Any of the headsets are available with
audio capability for use with the PGI speech recognition


The PHOENIX-2 can be configured with two different rugged
keyboards (as well as a standard PS/2 desktop keyboard). PGI
can supply a 58 key enhanced, sealed, miniature keyboard
suitable for belt mounting or a custom keyboard designed for
a specific application. A hand held, tethered, touch screen
display is available as an option. It features a 7.5 inch
(diagonal) backlit STN VGA display with a touch screen and
integral passive writing pen. When using the touch tablet,
PGI recommends the use of PEN-DOS or Windows for pen
For true hands free operation, PGI offers a voice             
recognition package consisting of a noise canceling micro-  
phone, earphone, and software package supporting either
speaker dependent or speaker independent operation.           
Vocabularies can be fixed (up to 350 words) or unlimited       
with trainability.


When applications require multiuser access to a
network, PGI can provide a complete local area or wide
area network system (LAN or WAN) which features spread
spectrum, frequency hopping, 2.4 GHz operation and a data
rate of up to 1 Mbit/second using Ethernet 802.3 protocol.
Using the PGI Access Point base station controller (a 16
bit ISA module), the user may connect to a hard wired
Ethernet LAN and/or a WAN (wide area network). The
user multi-cell capability in that the system can accommo-
date both voice and data with over 60 users in each cell.


The inclusion of two PCMCIA slots in the Portable
Processor permits an infinite number of configurations,
based on user needs. Some available options include:
> 14.4 KBaud FAX Modem
> Up to 540 Mbyte Fixed Disk Drive
> Nonvolatile Static RAM up to 16 Mbytes
> Nonvolatile Flash RAM up to 80 Mbytes
> GPS Position Location Module


Accessories are available to support operation of the
PHOENIX-2 system. These include:
> Additional Nickle-Metal Hydride Battery Packs
> Battery Charger
> AC Adapter
> DC Adapter
> Vehicle Mounting Tray with Integral Power Supply
> Custom Vehicle Docking Stations
> AC Docking Station (accessing the ISA Buss with integral
 power supply and slots for up to 3 full size 16 bit ISA
 accessory modules).
> 1/2 page thermal line printer
> Optical Disk


For embedded OEM applications, PGI can furnish the Portable
Processor board set containing all the ports described
above plus a Berg style head connector for use with up to
two floppy disk drives.

    CPU           Intel SL Enhanced 486DX,
                    33 MHz
    Memory        Up to 32 Mbytes of RAM
                    (2 Mbytes standard)
    BIOS          AMI
    Op. System    MS-DOS 6.2, Windows 3.1
                    OS/2 V.2.1 and PEN equivalents
                    with optional tablet
    Coprocessor   Internal to the SL Enhanced
    DiskDrive     40 to 680 Mbytes (internal)
    Ports         2-RS232/422
                  PS/2 Keyboard
                  External VGA and LCD
                  Parallel Printer
                  PCMCIA Type 2 and 3
                  ISA Buss
                  Input power and system reset
                  Heads-up display connectors
    Size          6.41" W x 4.69" H x 2.62" D
                    6.41" W x 4.69" H x 3.31" D
                    (accomodates an optional PC-
                    104 Module or equivalent)
    Weight        1.7 lbs.
    Size          4.76" W x 4.03" H x 1.82" D
    Weight        1.9 lbs.
    Functions     Power supply, Power-on switch,
                    Reset button, Resume button,
                    miniature trackball, Fuel Gauge
    Batteries     10.7 Volt rechargeable Nickle-
                    Metal Hydride Pack
    Battery Life  4 to 8 hours
    Recharge      Less than 1 hour
    Resolution    640 x 480 Pel monochrome
                    STN VGA
    Size          7.4" Diagonal
    Lighting      Backlit
    Gray shades   16
    Overlay       Resistive
    Resolution    1024 dots per axis
    Data Entry    Nonmetallic pen
    Weight        1.9 lbs.
    Optional      Active matrix color
    Resolution    720 x 280 Pel full graphics display
                    1024 x 768 Pel SVGA
                    compatible(1st Q 1995)
    Contrast Ratio 70:1
    Refresh Rate  50 Hz
    Video Mem.    1 Mbyte
    Mounting      On helmet, Heads-up type
    Weight        0.5 lbs.
    Display Type  LED
    Reliability   >200,000 Hours
    Op Temp       -20íC to 71íC
    Op Humidity   98% Relative Humidity
    Shock         No damage - 3 foot drop
    Vibration     Hard mounted in service vehicle
    Rain          Sealed unit resists water and dust
                    intrusion for outdoor use
    EMI           Meets FCC Part 15 Class A

Note: Specifications subject to change without prior notice
MS-DOS and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.
UNIX is a registered trademark of UNIX System Laboratories Inc.
OS/2 is a registered trademark of IBM.

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