Rugged Miniature Module

Rugged Miniature Module

Phoenix Group Inc.

> Intel SL Enbanced 486DX-33 w/Coprocessor

> Optional '486DX2-66

> Up to 710 MByte (IDE) Internal Disk

> Up to 32 MBytes of Plug-in RAM

> Two PCMCIA Slots - Type 2 and Type 3

> Full Workstation I/O: Serial/Parallel/SCSI-2/
    VGA-LCD/Floppy/Mouse/Keyboard/ISA Buss

> MS DOS/SCO UNIX/Windows Compatibility

> PEN-DOS/Windows for PEN Computing

> Four to Eight Hour Battery Life

> Built-in Power Supply (6V to 18V DC input)

The RMM computer module is a full function, high performance
workstation designed for rugged industrial or military
applications in a miniature package. This module utilizes
state-of-the-art 3.3 volt low power architecture and offers
total PC compatibility at an affordable cost. The unit utilizes
standard PC I/O connectors allowing direct connection to
standard office or rugged peripheral devices.

PGI offers a variety of accessory devices such as three
different heads-up displays; a CGA 720 X 280; an SVGA 1024 X
786, both LED monochrome; or an LCD 640 X 480 (VGA) offering 64
shades of gray. In addition, PGI offers 7", or 10.4" LCD pen
tablet screens. The embedded full function video controller allows
simultaneous use of an external monitor and LCD and or heads-up
display screen. The LCD screen is offered in monochrome and/or
color from VGA resolutions of 640 X 480 to 1024 X 768 and 256
colors. Up to three ISA compatible cards can be accommodated. An
optional miniature buffer card for the ISA Buss will allow extended
Buss length operation. An optional shock isolated mounting bracket
for direct mounting of the 2.5 hard drive to the module is available
as an accessory. The hard drive utilizes internal IDE connectivity
leaving both PCMCIA slots available to the user. An optional
peripheral module will allow up to four PCMCIA cards. Optional
miniature sealed QWERTY Keyboard and sunlight readable 10.4" Active
Matrix color LCD (640 X 480 Pixels) displays are available.

  Intel SL Enhanced 486DX, 33MHz
  Optional-Intel 486DX2-66MHz
  ISA (8MHz)
RAM Memory
  70nS Fast Page Mode Interleaved
  8 MBytes standard
  Expandable to 40 MBytes using two 72 Pin SIMM Sockets
Hard Disk
  Fixed 85 to 730 MBytes
Video Interface
  Type: 16 Bit SVGA
  Video Memory: 1 MByte
  Max. Colors: 16 Million (24 Bit)
  Refresh Rate: 72 Hz @ 1024 x 768
  SVGA: 1024 x 768 x 256 Colors
  VGA: 640 x 480 x 24 Bit True Color
Keyboard Interface
Standard I/O Ports
  RS 232 Serial; PS-2 Mouse; Keyboard; SCSI-II; Parallel; ISA BUSS; VGA; LCD Port
  2 PCMCIA Slots, Type 2 and 3
Expansion Option
  ISA Buffered Expansion Buss Connector

  6 to 18 volt DC input
  Power - Less than 2 Watts

  MIL-STD-810E Method 500.3: Procedure I, non-operating, 50,000 ft.
  Procedure II, operating, 15,000 ft
High Temperature
  MIL-STD-810E Method 501.3: Procedure I, non-operating, 71íC max.
  Procedure II, operating, 71íC max.
Low Temperature
  MIL-STD-810E Method 502.3: Procedure I, non-operating, -40íC min.
  Procedure II, operating, -20íC min.
  MIL-STD-810E Method 507.3
  MIL-STD-810E Method 514.4
  MIL-STD-810E Method 516.4: Half Sine, 11 ms duration
  Procedure I, operating, 75 g max.
  Procedure V, non-operating, 75 g max.
Bench Handling
  Procedure VI

  Size: 4.0"W x 5.75"L x 1.5"D
  Weight: 8.4 oz (less disk drive) 

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