extending the operating system to use what you connect to the ISA bus by way of wiring the breadboard: writing the device drivers

Writing the kernel-space device driver

second part of lab is writing a true kernel-space device driver and then using userspace programs to read and write to the device driver. There are a number of programs from http://eyetap.org/ece385/lab1programs.tar.gz and http://eyetap.org/ece385/lab2programs.tar.gz which you should probably get all of. They are available as two Unix gzipped Tape ARchive (tar) files, which is one of the most popular ways of transporting groups of files around in Unix.

Download the files either to the base-station from a WWW browser, or to your wearcomp using lynx. In any case, the files have to end up on your wearcomp. Use the command:

tar xzvf tarfile.tar.gz

to unzip them, where tarfile gets replaced with the name of the file you want to unzip. This will create a directory and copy all the file s in the archive into it, correctly maintaining subdirectory structures.