i was surprised that nobody figured out where the fonts were; or how to understand them, so here's a brief lesson on understanding fonts.

this is helpful to understand binary data representation and how to think in binary, etc., but more importantly it would be desirable to learn how to learn (e.g. how to practice the scientific method by "reverse engineering" how something works...).

easiest fonts to understand are the .bdf, (bitmap distribution format) e.g. 8x16.bdf.

8x16.bdf looks horrible (and it's copyright sony).

the public domain fonts are much better, e.g. 9x15.bdf, but note that the CAP_HEIGHT is only 10.

so i grep "CAP_HEIGHT" *.bdf | less
and i see that 10x20.bdf has CAP_HEIGHT 13 which leaves some extra room for all but bottom row of lowercase letters g,j,p,q,y, and uses most of the 16 (baseA) lights on the pushbroom.

note that header fields numbers in font are in baseA but bitmaps are in baseF+1.

bitmap distribution format: fontexample.htm