ECE385F Vendor List

  • Supremetronic Inc.
    333 Queen Street West (south side at Queen and Beverly; note that St. George becomes Beverly south of College)
    (416) 598-9585
    Supremetronic has all the ICs and resistors you will need.

  • Above All Electronic Surplus
    590 Bloor Street West (on the north side just past Honest Ed's)
    (416) 588-8119 or 588-8044
    A general purpose surplus store with a large contingent of computer supplies. This is where we got the $69 "wearcomps" from (buyer=John).

  • Active Surplus Machinery
    345-347 Queen Street West (south side a few stores west of Supremetronic; easily identified by the gorilla in the doorway)
    (416) 593-0909
    You can find almost anything here but it may take you a while. Everything is sold as is, so test it before you buy. Wire is found on big spools in the basement. (buyers=ronnie, chris, fred; owners=fred, nick; working compaq 16-32M RAM, $20 whatever size hard drive it happened to have; also can get p133 systems)

  • Circuit Specialists
    You will be given a board, on loan, that was purchased from circuit specialists. Some students like this course so much that they end up wanting to purchase their own board.

    In previous years we've used the UP-604A.

    16-bit solderless breadboard (also works on 8-bit bus). The board plugs directly into the 16-bit ISA bus slot of an IBM compatible PC. All of the AT bus signals are connected to the board. The board also has an External DB25 F connector. Starting in year 2005, the ISA breadboard is no longer necessary for this course, but you still might have fun playing with one.

    If you would like to have fun with one of these, let me know so that you can sign one out.

    Circuit Specialists Inc.
    220 South Country Club Drive #2
    Mesa, AZ 85210
    Phone: (800) 528-1417 +1-480-464-2485
    Fax: +1-480-464-5824
    Telephone Hours: 8AM - 6PM MST Arizona Time Monday-Friday
    Minimum shipping & handling charge is $7.00
    questions or assistance contact: Bill Steinkemper