Here are some pictures i took with my WearComp system, of the microprocessor based timing circuits concealed inside a shoe, for use in gambling.

The Eudaemonic gambling shoe was used in casinos for betting on roulette (see also,

Eudaemonic shoe in lightspace 1:

Eudaemonic shoe in lightspace 2:

Eudaemonic shoe in lightspace 3:

This apparatus was profound, not because of its small size, but because it could be used convertly, to time the ball on a spinning roulette table. This was an important contribution to the notion of Existential Technology, e.g. technology of self-determination of the individual free spirit, in one of the most unfree environments this side of a prison, namely the environment of a gambling casino. It was quite remarkable that the free will of the individual can still prevail amid the repression and surveillance under the watchful eye of organized crime.

Eudaemonic shoe:

Eudaemonic shoe with creative lighting:

Eudaemonic shoe, top view:

Plain ordinary boring pictures of Eudaemonic shoe: bottom view at left; top view at right