Worldwide Flash Mob, December 24th, at Midnight

Schrodinger's Flashmob, at no place in particular: Flash from somewhere, anywhere, everywhere!

Worldwide Flash Mob: tonight, 2003 December 24th.

Anywhere and everywhere, you can participate by creating a flash of light. Find a Metz Mecablitz, or just use your on-camera flash, and take a picture at 23:59:58, 59, or, depending on the slowness of your shutter, a fraction of a second just before midnight.

Where ever you are, point a camera flash up into the night sky, and LET THERE BE LIGHT at exactly midnight.

"in thy dark streets shineth the everlasting light;"
--Lewis H. Redner, 1830-1908

All pictures on this page were taken with a telephoto lens to show the power of the Metz at illuminating very distant and large objects.

Here's the massive OCAD building that "floats" way up in the sky:

Here's a picture of a massive apartment complex way off in the distance (with and without the Metz):

The massive OCAD building from a couple of blocks away:

The massive OCAD building from the roof of another building quite far away: