Favorite still pictures of FUNtain Hydraulophone installation in Teluscape

Pictures numbered 1 through 10 were taken by S. Mann
  1. North Nessie (the flute that has 12 finger holes, also showing some of the organ pipes in background)
  2. Context picture showing the entire piece, with people
  3. Closeup of the South Nessie (the flute that has 45 finger holes) being played (you might need to lighten up some areas of this image)
  4. Closeup of the South Nessie fingerboard
  5. Parent teaching child on the South Nessie, with sun shining and nice specular reflection at finger position
  6. Parent and child playing a duet
  7. Extreme closeup of North Nessie with nice reflections in polished surface
  8. Late night picture of South Nessie with North Nessie and North pipes in background, with theatrical style lighting
  9. Late night Teluscape picture
  10. Handwheel
  11. A picture my parents took of people playing on the South pipe sound sculpture
  12. A picture from Chris Aimone, depicting a group of people having fun on FUNtain
  13. A picture that James Fung took of the entire piece
  14. Picture taken by OSC, showing entire sculpture
  15. Picture taken by OSC, fisheye lens, lower viewpoint, better lighting on endwheel
  16. Picture taken by OSC, from roof of apartment building across the street
  17. Panoramic picture taken by OSC..
  18. Panoramic picture taken by OSC, with models
Additionally, there is a sequence of still pictures in an illustrated music lesson for the South Nessie (the flute that has 45 mouths).

There are also some pictures of the infrastructure that are quite interesting.

See also, Additional pictures of the FUNtain Hydraulophone at Ontario Science Centre