Terms and Conditions of Use displayed on poster behind the exhibit:
To download a FREE seating license, simply swipe your credit card or government issued Photo ID card through the slot on the chair. Your credit card is for identification purposes only! The seating is FREE!!!

By enrolling for Seating Services you agree to the following Terms and Conditions of Use:

Uniform Security Ecommerce Accounting Transactions Act (UseatA) Terms and Conditions of Use:


  1. You agree not to attempt to understand how chairs work.
  2. You agree not to try to discover how software works.
  3. You agree not to practice the Scientific Method (TM).


  1. You agree not to describe your Seating Experience (TM) to others, or to write about your Seating Experience (TM) without the express written permission of ExisTECH Corp.
  2. You agree not to capture any photographic, visual, or other forms of memory of this service. You further agree to forget what your Seating Experience (TM) was like after your free trial Seating License expires. Moreover you agree that remembering is copying and that copying is Theft.

Swipe Card to agree to these Terms and Conditions of Use. If you do not agree to these terms, remain standing indefinitely and do not use our Seating Services.

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