Steve Mann with Wearable Computational Personal Photographic Communications, and Imaging System, circa 1984

Separate radios carry inbound and outbound data simultaneously. A chording keyboard controls the function of the apparatus. Wearing his camera gear, he seldom appeared in photographs himself, except for the occasional snapshot like this. Here Steve is "dusting" Craig Tilford's car, circa 1984. Dusting the process of creating a cybernetic photograph using the wearable photographic apparatus.

Viewfinder is stowed in chest bag, to right of radio. Viewfinder is clipped onto safetyglasses when countdown is initiated. At other times it stands facing upward inside the chest--mounted bag. Although the bag is intended as a "waist bag", here it is mounted at chest height so that the viewfinder image is easier to see when the viewfinder is not attached to the safetyglasses. In this detached mode, the apparatus works more like a hasselblad type camera (e.g. look down to see image). This keeps eyes unobstructed.