Privacy First!!!

In order to ensure your privacy, we have recently installed video surveillance cameras in the restrooms. We want to protect your privacy individually, so we have installed cameras in each individual stall, rather than having a single overall surveillance camera.

We recognize that your privacy is an individual matter, and we want you to know that we care about your privacy.

Tell us your privacy concerns.

We listen to our customers.

In fact we're listening to you right now!

We have created an extensive Privacy Policy in order to ensure that your privacy is protected.

You can trust us to protect your privacy, because we use strong encryption to ensure that only law enforcement officials and others with a need-to-know have access to our video image data archives and offsite backup sites.

Moreover, when possible (when it would not delay legitimate safety and security needs or suspicions), we try to ensure that only same sex security guards view the video data archives. Thus only suspicious persons or those engaging in suspicious activity have any need to express privacy concerns.

Now Hiring

Because your privacy is so important to us, we have created many new positions that need to be filled. Applicants must have experience in the installation and concealment of video surveillance apparatus, and must be well versed in computer and machine vision technologies. A degree in computer science or electrical engineering is preferable.

We need staff to fill the following positions:

As a staff person in our organization, your responsibility will be to review video surveillance image data and work with us to enhance the privacy of the data, and on overall system security. You will also work with us to collect, generate, compile, and produce facts, as part of our fact finding missions, and to serve in an advisory role to present our facts to government and industry officials. As architects of a secure and private computer network, you will also have an opportunity to win the prestigious Privacy Academy awards granted to those who, through Policy and Procedure, offer the best Privacy Services to the community.

Our current staff is committed to ensuring privacy: The General Restroom Privacy Office recently prepared a Privacy Impact Assessment, which the Office developed, as an example of ``Best Practice'' collaborations between corporations and government: This guideline for building and archiving video image databases states:

"Video image data must be used only for necessary or lawful purposes. Any video archive must be sufficiently accurate, timely, relevant, and complete to ensure the fair treatment of the individual depicted in the video."
--S. Mann, Assistant Filing Clerk Trainee, 20010401