Destruction of Intellectual Property through Informatic Rape

Walking home now, I am reminded again of what I had described to another professor today, namely the idea of Subjectright Terms and Conditions of Use. (By using me, you agree to the following terms and conditions...)

To my left, on St. George Street, there is a T.V. set outside in front of a frat house, on the front lawn, and they have an outdoor pool and sofa set up out there on the grass so they can drink beer on the front lawn and watch the ball game.

The massive TV is so loud I can hear it all the way across the road and then some.

By exposing me to this material, they have placed the ball game in the public domain, because by Subjectright, they have subjected me to this material, and therefore assigned to me any and all rights (at the very least, nonexclusive worldwide rights) in it.

Walking down the street a little further, to my left there is another frat house playing loud music.

That music is now in the public domain.

If we all keep getting raped in this manner (through being exposed, agasinst our will, to informatic insemination) there will be no more copyright material in the face of this earth.

It will all be transferred to Subjectright.

Dr. S. Mann
Assistant Mailroom Clerk
EXISTech Corporation,
Thu May  3 23:48:20 EDT 2001