Here is an example of a Subjectright License Agreement, for S. Mann and Universal Studios. To use this form, simply insert the name(s) of the Subject Licensor in place of S. Mann, and the name of the Licensee in place of Universal Studios, and insert the name of the Work in place of "BECOMING CYBORGS", or you can download a blank Subjectrights form.

Subjectright License Agreement

Copyright (c) 1998-2001 Steve Mann
Verbatim copying of this document is permitted, in any medium.


Copyright gives exclusive rights to the photographer, videographer, cinematographer, etc., causing a Work to come into existence. Copyright includes rights to copy, modify and distribute the work.

The idea of Subjectright is for the Copyright holder to share exclusivity of these rights under terms and conditions with the Subject, so that the Subject can copy and distribute the work or properly attributed derivative works.

Due, in part, to changes in imaging technology, and advances in content distribution methods, Subjectright is necessary to acknowledge the fact that a portrait, film, video, documentary, photographic work, or the like, is a joint effort made possible by the Subject, as well as the person(s) operating the image acquisition equipment.

Especially in the academic and scientific community, there is a growing need for Subjectright, to reduce the burden on the Subject, where otherwise multiple but similar Works based on the same Subject must be produced over and over again in their entirety, each by a different competing organization, simply because of re-use of portions of previous Works being restricted by Copyright issues. Unlike traditional art forms such as painting and literary works, each of the aforementioned multiple but similar Works requires the participation of the Subject, and often, due to setup times, logistical management issues, etc., requires a greater time committment from the Subject than is really necessary. Duplication of essentially the same Works simply because of Copyright, imposes an excessive burden, time committment, and workload on the Subject of the Works.

Sharing of rights with the Subject, allows the Subject to spend more time in pursuit of other scientific endeavours in order to continue doing the research that is the very reason that the Subject is sought.

Subjectright and Copyright

NAME of Subjectright Licensee: Universal Studios
NAME of Subjectright Licensor: Dr. Steve Mann, 284 Bloor St. West, Suite 701,
who is also the Subject.

Title of Work containing Subjectright data: BECOMING CYBORGS (Programme).

Parties agree:

  1. Licensor will participate in the Programme by giving an interview and/or providing material (collectively "Contribution), wherein Licensor may also be Contributor;
  2. Contributor agrees that Licensee may use Contributor's name, voice, likeness and biographical facts relating to the Contributor, as provided by the Contributor in the interview, in connection with the advertising or promotion of the Programme and the Contributor hereby confirms that any statements given by him/her during the Contribution will be true;
  3. Contributor assigns nonexclusive first use rights in the Contribution to Licensee for up to one year, the right to broadcast Contribution by Licensee as part of a programme or as a separate segment;
  4. Licensee agrees to transfer of copyright in the Work to Subject; Subject in return grants a nonexclusive worldwide use to Licensee.
  5. Licensee agrees that Subject will have nonexclusive worldwide rights to use material depicting Subject, and to allow others to use material depicting Subject, as excerpts in other works.
  6. Parties agree that this Agreement is the whole and only agreement relating to the Contribution and shall be governed by Canadian law.
  7. Parties agree that if the Work will bear any kind of Copyright notice, that it must also bear a Subjectright notice to declare the Work as Subjectright (denoted as circle S, or "S" in parentheses), as indicated by "Subjectright (S) by.." (insert name of Licensor, being the Subject appearing in picture or other Work), and that it will also bear the logo and URL of the World Subjectrights Collective,


          (Name & date)                (Name & date)