CyborGLOG of the assembly of a dynamic braking system for the world's first urban roof-mounted wind turbine

This 'glog depicts the installation of a high power resistor manufactured by IPC resistors, into a system that uses a True North Power Lakota wind turbine.

Isaac Harris is now wearing my cyborglogging system, and is about to open the switch that disconnects the short circuit across the three phases of the wind turbine, allowing it to turn with diversion of up to 2kW into the dynamic braking resistor:

Adding solar panels in preparation of the June 17th switch opening ceremony:

This was a bootstrapping process. We connected one solar panel to the drill, the soldering iron, and the hot melt glue, to facilitate the installation of banana jacks on the solar panel. Then we used that panel to power the tools that were used to install the next one, and so on. Also, the use of banana jacks facilitates reconfigurability of the system for teaching purposes.