combined schedule January-April 2018:

bill mann?
8086 computer to decon
decon computer to EA302
A7RII camera from Decon?

Reading week:
Arkin back Wed; send MannFit board
Monday: confirm Wed. Deepa; Siobhan MacLean 416-978-2903
Monday: Dr. Martin Osler
Monday: IEEE Mixed, Extended, versus also diminsihed
Mixtures of various extensions and augmentations of reality... what's missing is diminished...
 and more generally modified, in service of humanity, e.g. hdr welding
Tues. Wilson.yu, call morning (fly out Thurs morning?)

Su          Mo          Tu          We          Th          Fr          Sa
            10h=esp met 12h=ece     12h=BA2139  12h=maxbank  9h=ecelab
            16h=ece     3pm kooresh 18h=inv     16h=ece     12h=GB204
January 2018:

candidate reviews commence jan8 (jan7 applicant deadline)
deadline to select applicants for interview or funding commit Round 1: Jan. 22. 

Chain Zhang, games, from China, ref. by Ken Yang
Feb 28th(Afternoon) and March 1st (Morning).