The following is a list of A FEW of the people murdered by amerikkka's pigs!

May they never be forgotten.

In alphabetical order by state and/or major city.



Edward Mallet(25)- Edward was a double amputee (no arms) who died after being placed in a choke hold by the police because he was "resisting arrest."

Rudy Buchanan Jr.(22)- Twenty officers surrounded Rudy and shot him 89 times in the back, chest, and neck through his heart and lungs. The cops allege that Rudy aimed a shotgun at them and their lives were danger. Rudy Buchanan Sr. asked, "Who'slife was really in danger? They had a helicopter with a spot beam on my kid at about 11:30 or so at night. Twenty cops surrounded him, with semi-automatic weapons!"


James Martinez(21)- The police shot and killed him at a party where he was DJing.

Freddy Santana(26)- Shot by LAPD officers who wanted him to lay face down. He went to remove a can from his belt and was shot three times. He moaned, and was shot some more.

Santiago Calderon(58)- SWAT team burst into Santiago's home on a pre-dawn raid looking for evidence in a murder trial. He was shot multiple times asleep in his bed.

Oliver Beasly Jr.(27)- Oliver was beaten and shot to death by LA deputies after being pulled over for a traffic violation.

Elzie Coleman(27)- Elzie was mistaken for a gang member by a deputy. He was chased and shot at 23 times. While he was down on his mothers porch, the deputy reloaded his gun to shoot Elzie some more when pleading witnesses stopped him.

Ricky Nickerson(15)- Ricky was leaving an outdoor rapconcert with some friends when their car was surrounded by sheriff's deputies. People in the area said that the police said "drop your weapons" and then opened fire. Another youth, a 10 year old, was wounded.


John Joseph Kelley(30)- Shot three times and killed while sitting in the drivers seat of his car because a cop said he reached down between his legs. No weapon was found.


Corey Goodwin(36)- Poice were called when Corey locked himself in his house with his gun. Police fired tear gas into his house, causing it to burn down, he burnt to death.

Tony Johnson(28)- Pepper sprayed to death.

Quincy Jackson(20)- Shot in the back as he turned to walk away from officers.


Malik Jones(21)- When driving in a car, Malik and a friend, Samuel Cruz, were pursued by an East Haven police officer. Cruz reported that when he and Malik stopped the car, they were boxed in by a police car and van. Cruz said Officer Flodquist broke the window on the drivers side, where Malik was sitting, and shot Malik repeatedly as he sat in the car, unarmed.


Augusto Melendez(42)- Detective Roberto Soler for having a toy gun while police were responding to a domestic disturbance call in the area. Soler told him to dropthe gun; he allegedly didn't so he was shot and died at Jackson Memorial hospital.
Corey "C-Low" Footman(19)- Drowned after Miami-Dade police chased him into Snake Creek Canal at Buccaneer Park.
Osiris E. Galan(33)- Osiris was shot and killed by Miami police officer Gordon Wing. Police said Galan was armed, but after two days of searching, no weapon was found.
Lawrence "Bo Pete" Johnson(17)- Was shot in the back and killed by Miami police officers. Police claimed that Johnson fired at them first, but a police investigation revealed someone else may have done the shotting.
NOTE- From 1990 to September 1996, Florida investigated 5,136 cases of reported serious misconduct by Florida law enforcement officers, up from 2,047 offenses from 1977 through 1989. In that time, violent acts commited by officers, such as assault, excessive use of force and domestic violence, have more than quadrupled.

This list is incomplete, however, it is in the process of completetion. Coming soon:
Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Chicago, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Washington DC, Washington State. Until then ... Unite and Fight!





United Voice Against Police Brutality
c/o North Jersey ARA
PO Box 1041
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410

Phillip Pannel was a 15 year old boy from Teaneck, NJ. Teaneck is in Bergen County, the home of UVAPB. Phillip was chased by a Teaneck cop. According to police reports, the officer fired one shot that missed Phillip while he was attempting to climb a fence, then Phillip turned and ran toward the officer. One grand jury absolved the officer of any criminal wrongdoing, but a second grand jury indicted him when it was discovered - after lining up the bullet hole in the youth's jacket with the entry wound of the bullet - that Phillip was shot in the back and killed while his arms were in the air! According to witnesses, Phillip never got the chance to turn and face the officer, but was shot while attempting to surrender. At the officers second trial, an all-white jury deliberated for a little over eight hours before returning with the verdict of NOT GUILTY!! To the racist pig, consider this a personalized message of hate from the UVAPB. The love of the UVAPB is with Phillip and all of those murdered by the the pigs.

The above list was obtained from the book, "Stolen Lives."
For a 'complete' copy, write to the October 22nd Coalition Against Police Brutality with a check or M.O. of $5. Write to:
Stolen Lives Project/Oct. 22nd Coalition
c/o KHL, Inc.
Box 124
160 First Avenue
New York, NY 10009
Make all checks payable to "IFCO/Oct. 22 Coalition" and write "Stolen Lives books" in the memo space.
They can also be reached at 1-888-NO BRUTALITY

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