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Smart Clothes: The MIT Wearable Computing Web Page

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Welcome to the MIT Wearable Computing Web Page. This page is meant to both serve as an introduction to the field of wearable computing and as a resource for more technical information. Updates occur as new technology is released. If you have information or code to share, send mail to

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What's a Wearable?

To date, personal computers have not lived up to their name. Most machines sit on the desk and interact with their owners for only a small fraction of the day. Smaller and faster notebook computers have made mobility less of an issue, but the same staid user paradigm persists. Wearable computing hopes to shatter this myth of how a computer should be used. A person's computer should be worn, much as eyeglasses or clothing are worn, and interact with the user based on the context of the situation. With heads-up displays, unobtrusive input devices, personal wireless local area networks, and a host of other context sensing and communication tools, the wearable computer can act as an intelligent assistant, whether it be through a Remembrance Agent, augmented reality, or intellectual collectives.

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Moderators' note: As with many tech companies these days, announcements are made even when the hardware is not available and may be many months, in some cases years, away. Each of these companies currently has a product to sell, but even if a particular unit is marked available, all of the options may not be. Contact the company directly for current information.

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